The Easy-360 Competency Model: Leadership Domain

Leadership in any organization involves creating and sharing a vision of the future, inspiring and managing people and resources to work toward the vision, and building and coaching teams to achieve the vision.  The Leadership Domain in the Easy-360 Competency Model includes factors that enable effective leadership, such as:

Providing Direction involves clear, positive communication, timely follow-up, and recognition for successful work performance. It includes attempts to improve performance by modifying or reinforcing workforce skills and behaviors, and to help others fulfill their work potential by building confidence in their skills and abilities.

Performance Management involves the development and implementation of strategies that optimize an individual’s performance within the organization.

Empowering Others involves entrusting responsibility, inspiring individuals and groups, and giving autonomy to others in order to enhance their performance and encourage their professional growth.

Leveraging Diversity involves working effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, interpersonal styles, abilities, motivations, or backgrounds in order to make effective use of the capabilities, insights, and ideas of all individuals.

Continual Improvement involves allocating resources to achieve results consistent with organizational objectives and engaging in recurring activities that improve the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in attaining its objectives.

Change Leadership involves managing, leading, and enabling the processes of change and transition while helping others deal with the effects. This includes creating conditions and processes to support and orchestrate the pace of change, and to maintain commitment to the change process.

Envisioning involves building and sharing a compelling view of the direction or sense of purpose of the organization, and engaging with and motivating others toward a common goal.

Indicators for the various factors in the Leadership Domain focus on how the leader structures and manages the organization’s efforts to achieve the stated vision. This includes setting goals, communicating expectations, fostering inclusiveness, supporting change processes, and providing feedback. Results from the Leadership Domain of the Easy-360 survey give indications where leadership activities are working, and where growth opportunities can be pursued.