The Easy-360 Competency Model: Expertise Domain

The Expertise Domain of the Easy-360 Competency Model contains factors related to the knowledge of an individual in the sector in which the work is done. The knowledge can be conceptual, theoretical, and procedural, and is gained from experiences throughout the person’s career. Expertise factors include:

Organizational Awareness is the extent to which a person understands and utilizes knowledge of the organization’s structure, culture, role definitions, position relationships, and political and economic factors to carry out work activities and achieve personal and organizational outcomes.

Professional Practice involves the utilization of relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences in an area of expertise in order to effectively and efficiently perform tasks related to a job

Financial Acumen involves applying critical financial concepts and practices in order to establish and maintain realistic budgets. It includes an understanding of the rules, policies, regulations and procedures of the organization, as well as management practices that use financial resources effectively and economically.

Problem Solving involves the use of domain knowledge and experience, along with effective processes to define a problem, generate solution possibilities, implement a chosen solution, and evaluate the solution results.

Project Management involves creating and maintaining an environment that guides a project to its successful completion by defining tasks and milestones to achieve objectives, managing processes involved in the project, and ensuring the optimal use of resources to meet those objectives.

Change Management involves creating conditions and processes to support, orchestrate, and maintain enthusiasm and commitment to the change process.

Operational Management focuses on planning and organizing the actions and work activities of others (and self), effectively using policies and procedures for planning, coordination, and execution of project goals and organizational functions.

Indicators for factors in the Expertise Domain focus on behaviors that relate to both understanding of the organization’s structure and culture, as well as management of various aspects of the organization. The ability to solve problems is highly related to knowledge and experience, so indicators related to this factor are important measures of job effectiveness. Easy-360 results in the Expertise Domain provide important feedback about areas of strengths and opportunities for growth.