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The Easy-360 Competency Model: Leadership Domain

Leadership in any organization involves creating and sharing a vision of the future, inspiring and managing people and resources to work toward the vision, and building and coaching teams to achieve the vision.  The Leadership Domain in the Easy-360 Competency Model includes factors that enable effective leadership, such as: Providing Direction involves clear, positive communication, …

The Easy-360 Competency Model: Expertise Domain

The Expertise Domain of the Easy-360 Competency Model contains factors related to the knowledge of an individual in the sector in which the work is done. The knowledge can be conceptual, theoretical, and procedural, and is gained from experiences throughout the person’s career. Expertise factors include: Organizational Awareness is the extent to which a person …

The Easy-360 Competency Model: Social Domain

Easy-360 competencies in the Social Domain include factors that identify skills necessary for effectively working with others. The “core competencies” necessary for effective job performance are defined within the Personal and Social Domains. Definitions of the Social factors of the Easy-360 competency model are given below. Participation – working within groups to achieve consensus, solve …