Leveraging performance improvement strategies to meet organization goals for entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, and small businesses

Is your workforce performing at its best?

How proficient is your workforce in performing its key competencies and skills?

Do your current strategies improve performance?

Organizations must maintain a constant focus on improvement in order to succeed. The Nelson Blume Group helps organizations respond strategically to performance issues by collaborating to create workforce management and employee development solutions that refocus and redeploy the talents, resources, and energy already present.


Our expertise and perspectives will help you clearly identify performance issues and craft workable solutions. We don’t just do the work for you. We employ a consulting process that identifies actual performance issues, and then we partner with you to determine the solutions that will help meet your organization’s goals. Our collaboration will implement changes and make adjustments to plans in order to maximize performance outcomes. We seek to equip and engage people at all levels of your organization so they can sustain improvements and deliver future benefits for themselves and the organization.

Assess Opportunities Assess Opportunities

We achieve a comprehensive understanding of organizational goals, performance indicators, and current outcomes.

The detailed assessment tools we employ, including various types of observations, surveys, and interviews, help to identify opportunities where changes might improve and sustain employee performances for long-term success. We host our own online surveys, and can work with you to utilize our existing assessment products or customize data collection for your specific situation.

Our goal is to diagnose areas that impact the performance of your workforce. We identify trends, compare performances to benchmarks, and assure that work processes and activities contribute to meeting organizational goals. We then report the results of our assessments and analysis as we scrutinize with you the impact that the identified issues and opportunities have on your organization.

Plan Improvements Plan Improvements

We apply insights to create evidence-based solution plans that map clear paths toward better performance.

Our collaborative processes create improvement plans that map a clear path toward better performance for your organization. Our knowledge and experience with organizational improvement strategies allow us to design appropriate plans for change that are tailored to the needs of your organization's people, processes, and systems.

We can design a number of appropriate training options for any situation. We provide coaching for situations involving a transition to a new role, improving substandard performances, and sustaining superior performances. When necessary, we also focus efforts on improving decision making, workflow issues, communication practices, and skills transfer in order to improve the processes used in your organization.

Implement and Optimize Implement/Optimize

We ensure that teams and individuals execute plans so that the value of improved performances can be realized and sustained.

Our experience can help you to implement and evaluate the results of any planned changes. Success measures that include specific milestones and outcomes are embedded within the plans we help you create. We employ effective project management, outcome measurement, and communication practices throughout the implementation process.

We generally start by pilot testing project management and solution options to assure a good fit with your situation. Then we will guide your employees through the planned activities and changes. Our attention to implementation and optimization details assures that your employees can execute changes so that the values of improved performance within your organization can be realized.




    co-founder / co-principal

    Wayne Nelson has been involved in the analysis of job performance and the design and evaluation of training and development programs for nearly 30 years. His vision to help organizations succeed couples a focus on analysis with expertise in instructional design, project management, and program evaluation. His extensive consulting experience brings a wealth of effective ideas to any new situation.



    co-founder / co-principal

    Adrienne Blume has a background in organizational psychology and technical communications that helps her to view complex problems and situations with insight into how individuals and groups work effectively. Her career has focused on bringing practical innovations to situations that benefit from improved employee skills and communication. Adrienne provides effective feedback and coaching to help individuals improve their performance as well as attain their professional goals.

  • Triangle Associates

  • Design, develop and manage web hosting for an online, 360-degree survey focusing on leadership development and training for independent school administrators.

  • Vollante LLC
  • Volante LLC

    Transform business concepts into structured organizational frameworks, actionable business processes, and effective operational strategies.

  • Seattle Urban Academy
  • Seattle Urban Academy

    Conduct research and present findings to stakeholders in order to guide curriculum development for this alternative high school.

  • Reel Impact
  • Reel Impact

    Assist the company in writing grant proposals for projects funded by various U. S. Governement agencies.

  • Port of Seattle Enrichment and Diversity
  • Port of Seattle Enrichment & Diversity Project

    Catalyze and organize the Accounting and Financial Resources team to respond to identified knowledge deficits between job types, work groups, employee age & length of tenure, work functions, and other challenges related to employee communication.

  • Foundation for Credit Education
  • Foundation for Credit Education

    Design professional development content for credit counselors, creating a Web site to support delivery of the content through webinars.

  • Entertech

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation for a workforce training initiative that targeted entry level workers in the technology industries in Austin, TX.