Our products and services make it easy to collect information on employee performance from a variety of perspectives. Our surveys gather information about an individual's performance as judged by themselves and others, then generate feedback reports to summarize and compare results from the various review groups. We can provide guided interpretation of the results that will facilitate collaborative development of strategies to address professional development goals. If training is required, we can collaborate to design and develop effective performance improvement outcomes.


We utilize a 360-degree assessment process.

Our standard competency model includes personal, social, expertise, and leadership domains.

Custom competency definitions are possible to meet the needs of your organization.

Surveys are administered by our staff and are completely anonymous.


Standard reports summarize assessment results from self, managers, peers, direct reports, and others.

Live feedback sessions with our staff can be arranged to explain and interpret data, and to answer questions.

Feedback sessions will also identify professional development goals and strategies.

Custom Hosting

Hosting and administration for customized 360 surveys can be provided.

Reports for customized surveys are tailored to your needs.

Consulting on the development of competency definitions and mapping for your organization is available. (See consultant bios)


360-degree feedback is a process that is widely used to help people improve their performance by gaining a better understanding of their strengths and challenges. The confidential, anonymous feedback comes from the people who work around an individual, as well as self-ratings of performance on a number of factors. Easy-360 feedback forms include questions related to various competencies that are measured on a rating scale, as well as written comments from raters.


Easy-360 feedback surveys are a useful development tool for managers and leaders. The feedback can even help non-managers be more productive in their current roles, and to focus on the competencies they need to develop to move into management roles. In particular, Easy-360 feedback surveys can provide:

Better understanding of an employee’s strengths.

A clear picture of an individual’s performance.

Information to guide personal development and progress.


360-degree feedback is honest because it is anonymous. It provides more insight into a person’s performance than when co-workers are asked face to face. This feedback helps individuals to:

Gain insight into personal performance, unseen strengths, and opportunities for improvement.

Clarify roles and improve work relationships.

Engage in reflection and dialogue.


The Easy-360 feedback system tabulates the results and presents them in a format that helps the feedback recipient create a development plan to improve performance. The following steps are followed with Easy-360 feedback.

Communication is very important to the success of the process. All participants and stakeholders will be informed of the purpose, process, and timeline, as well as how the feedback will be utilized.

Surveys are distributed to everyone through email with links to the Easy-360 site.

Reports are generated and distributed electronically to the designated recipients. If further coaching is arranged, it will occur after the report has been received.


Our competency model for effective performance includes four domains: Personal, Social, Expertise, and Leadership. A variety of factors within these domains are assessed in our Easy-360 surveys.

competency model

Personal Factors

Personal factors involve characteristics and behaviors that are within the individual. These include factors such as conscientiousness, decision making, ethical standards, initiative, and thinking. Personal factors contribute to work performance in various ways and are often included in lists of core competencies or soft skills.

Social Factors

The Social domain of our competency model examines skills and behaviors that influence how an individual performs within social settings. Social factors include participation, communication, interaction, influence, and valuing diversity. Factors in the Social domain combine with the Personal domain to make up a person's core competencies or soft skills.

Expertise Factors

Expertise in workplace performance involves knowledge and skills related to the disciplines involved in the professional field in which the organization operates. These factors include organizational awareness, professional practice, financial acumen, problem solving abilities, and a variety of management skills.

Leadership Factors

Leadership involves influencing people in order to accomplish effective change in the organization. Leadership can also include a service orientation, and requires certain personal characteristics to be successful. Some of the factors that indicate leadership effectiveness include providing direction, managing performance, empowering others, change leadership, and envisioning.

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Easy-360 was created as a cost-effective alternative for conducting 360 degree (multi-rater) performance assessments. There are many products available to create and administer surveys like ours, but we offer a comprehensive survey administration service at an affordable price. All you need to do is tell us who is being rated, and who the raters will be, and we take care of everything else.

A number of pricing options are available. Download a copy of the price list to learn more.

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A sample report is available through the link below. It includes examples from all sections of an Easy-360 feedback report.

Report Sample

Highest and lowest average scores for Importance ratings and Factor scores are provided.

Report Sample

Self ratings are compared to Supervisor and all other ratings.

Report Sample

Average indicator scores for all groups are available, showing average scores as well as the percentage of each group that provided favorable ratings.


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